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Kelly Oeder
Transportation Supervisor
Offices: 5819 Morrow-Rossburg Road, Morrow OH 45152
[email protected]

Her Information
Contact Information Office Hours
513.899.2941                                  Monday - Friday
513.899-4004 - fax                   6:00 am - 5:00 pm

Little Miami buses will no longer transport students to addresses other than those on file with the Transportation Department.

This means students will not be permitted to ride home with friends for sleepovers, school projects or other similar instances.

Procedures for students with shared parenting or day care arrangements will not change.

Transporting children is a shared responsibility between home and school. Little Miami is responsible for children once they board the bus, while families are responsible for the safety and supervision of their children to and from the designated bus stop as well as while they're waiting for school transportation.

Little Miami also asks that parents reinforce with their children the importance of obeying the bus rules. Such rules ensure the safety and welfare of all our riders. If a child repeatedly violates these rules — thus jeopardizing everyone's safety —the student may ultimately be denied the privilege of riding the bus. Thus, parent support for behaving appropriately in transit is essential.

If you have a problem or concern related to the bus, you are encouraged to write the driver a note or to phone (513) 899-2941 to reach the transportation department. Please try not to interrupt the bus schedule by talking directly with the driver while he or she is on the route. In some cases, building administrators may also assist with transportation-related questions.

Go Here for all Transportation forms.

Multiple Address Policy

Since frequent changes in transportation increase the possibility of putting students in an unsafe situation, the Little Miami Local School District has updated its transportation policies. All students will be dropped off at their home address unless a transportation enrollment form with an alternate address has been completed and submitted to the Transportation Department.

Parents must designate one location for drop-off, Monday-Friday.

All students requiring daycare/shared parenting transportation should have a completed and/or updated transportation enrollment form on file before the beginning of each school year. The schedule for daycare/shared parenting cannot be changed from day-to-day and week-to-week.

By adhering to these guidelines, Little Miami can ensure the safety of all our students and can greatly reduce the risk of miscommunication or of a student being dropped off at an unsupervised location.