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How To Access Student Bus Information

NOTE: Read all instructions before clicking the link!

Want to look up your student’s bus stop and time? Here’s how:

  • Click this link: Please check back on August 1st, 2024 for a live link
  • Enter your user name and password.
    •    The user name will be the first five letters of your student’s last name, a dot, student’s     first initial, a dot, then student’s six-digit I.D. number.  Example: washi.g.000000
    •    If your student has five or fewer letters in his or her last name, use the entire last name in the log-in. Example: finn.h.000000
    •    If you do not have your student’s six-digit I.D. number, contact your school’s office to obtain it.
  • Enter your password.
    •    Your password is the same as your user name.
  • Click "Log-In."
  • Click “Work with Students."
  • Click “View My Students.”

Click a student’s name to be taken to their transportation information page. Read this page carefully as it explains the morning and afternoon transportation information for your student.

If there is a change that needs to be made regarding your student’s pick-up or drop-off sites (babysitter, daycare) please fill out a Transportation Enrollment Form and fax it to the Transportation Dept. at (513) 899-4004.

This on-line database will replace the transportation letter that is typically mailed to students prior to the first day of school.