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Social Media Guidelines


All social media account content is regularly reviewed by the LM staff and/or Communication Director. The following principles apply to online participation and set the standards for respectful interaction on these pages.

  • Effective January 28, 2022, Little Miami does not allow for commenting on any LM social media platform including: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Click here to view LM's statement on social media engagement. 
  • Photos of students: Students in the Little Miami district may have their photographs taken in the course of school events and classroom activities. Students are eligible to have their images published unless they have a yearly “Do Not Publish” form on file in their respective school’s office. Additional copies of this form are also available within the Student Handbook.
  • Substitutes and volunteers may only post photos of their own children.
  • Social Media Guidance flyer



First and foremost, students and staff are encouraged to always exercise the utmost caution when participating in any form of social media or any online communications, both within the LM community and beyond - Please pause before you post.

Everyone who participates in a LM online interaction must remember that their posts are public and reflect on the entire Little Miami community. With regard to personal Twitter accounts, this especially true with the use of searchable hashtags (#). Accordingly, all posts could be subject to the same behavioral standards set forth in the Student Code of Conduct Handbook and/or Little Miami Internet Acceptable Use Agreement.

Students are expected to abide by the following:

  • To protect the privacy of LM students and faculty, students and staff may not, under any circumstances, create unauthorized digital audio or video recordings of LM community members either on campus or at an off-campus event for online publication or distribution, without consent.
  • Students and staff may not use social media sites to publish disparaging or harassing remarks about LM community members, athletic or academic contest rivals, etc.
  • Students and staff who choose to post editorial content to websites or other forms of online media must ensure that their submission reflects their own opinion and does not imply the opinion of LM.

Again, failure to abide by these guidelines and policies, as with other policies of LM, may result in disciplinary action or suspension of certain privileges while on an LM campus.

NOTE: By accessing, affiliating with or commenting on a social media platform, your identity and personal information may be visible to third parties not affiliated with Little Miami Local School District. LM does not normally share individual user information with third parties; however, user information will be disclosed as required by law or in circumstances where comments indicate a situation that could be illegal, harmful or dangerous to persons or property. LM is not responsible for access to your identity, profile or personal information by third parties. It is the express responsibility of the user, or his/her parent or guardian, to protect the user’s identity, profile and personal information.