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Visitors to the schools 


The Board encourages parents and other citizens of the District to visit classrooms to observe the work of the schools and to learn what the schools are doing.  Visits should be scheduled with the teacher, in advance, to avoid any unnecessary disruption to classroom instruction or activities.

To maintain the safety of students and staff and to ensure that no unauthorized persons enter buildings, all visitors must first report to the main office to receive authorization to visit.   (Authorization is not needed for school programs, assemblies, graduations and athletic events.)

All participants and spectators of school programs, assemblies, graduations and athletic events are expected to abide by all applicable laws, local ordinances, Board policies and District and building regulations pertaining to public conduct on District property.

School principals and their designees are authorized to take appropriate action to prevent and remove, if necessary, unauthorized persons from entering District buildings, loitering on the grounds and/or creating disturbances anywhere on District property.


Ohio Revised Code 3313.20(A)