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Health Information

We are looking forward to having your child at our school. We would like to get to know your child before they begin attending. Please let us know what health services your child may need while at school or on the bus. We recommend that every student have regular medical check-ups and dental exams. 

Kindergarten and Preschool students are required to have a complete physical before the start of school. Other students are encouraged to have yearly scheduled checkups. This will help to ensure that any physical problems that would prevent your child from doing their best at school are addressed with a physician or specialist. 

Immunizations are required unless exempted for medical or religious reasons. Ohio Revised Code, Section 3701.13 and 3313.671, mandates that every child be properly immunized in order to attend school. Exemption forms must be submitted each school year. Ohio State law allows a 14 school day period for you to provide a record of your child's immunizations before being excluded from school. 
If your student is going into the following grades, please check with your physician for required immunizations: Kindergarten, 7th grade, 12th grade.
Vision and hearing screenings are conducted yearly for students in kindergarten, first, third, fifth, seventh (vision only), ninth grades and eleventh (hearing only) as per Ohio Department of Health regulations. Research has shown that the earlier vision and hearing problems are detected and an intervention is made, the better the outcome for the student. It is recommended that all Kindergarten students have a complete eye exam by an Optometrist or Ophthalmologist before the start of school since school vision exams are only a screening assessment. Some eye diseases are only fully correctable if caught before first grade.
Please refer to the Medication Administration link at the left for the Medication Administration Policy of the Little Miami School District. Students are not permitted to take medications at school without the proper authorization forms completed and reviewed by the nurse.
Please return the following forms to your child's building nurse as soon as possible.