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Safety Improvements

Little Miami is committed to maintaining a safe learning environment for all students and members of the LM community. In 2023 the district implemented a series of safety improvements and updates. Some of which include:

New Visitor Management System Implemented in Each Building

Upon entering the Main Entrance of any building, all visitors and volunteers will be required to scan a valid driver’s license or a current government-issued identification. If you do not have identification with you upon entering the building, our secretaries will manually enter your information into the system for approval.

Using the information on your identification card, the SchoolSafeID system does immediate background check to detect any issues that may prohibit further entrance into our buildings.

After following the quick steps on the touch-screen kiosk, and receiving approval for building admittance, a badge with visitor information, picture, and purpose for entry will be printed for the visitor to wear while in our buildings.

Building Camera Systems Upgraded

Security camera upgrades are in progress with camera replacements and additions at LMPR, LMES, LMMS, and LMHS. An upgraded monitoring and access system is also being programmed at all Little Miami buildings.

Building Communication

LMHS, LMMS, and LMES are all receiving upgrading building communication systems replacing equipment that have been operationally out of date.

Glass Reinforcement

While our recent additions and construction at LMHS, LMMS, and LMECC feature beautiful glass displays and classrooms, we recognize the necessity to fortify these areas. Glass reinforcement has been applied to these areas.

Safety Council Established

Little Miami has formally established a Safety Council, in which a group of LM administrators and public safety professionals regularly come together to discuss safety measures, make decisions, and implement procedures to improve the overall security of our students at staff at Little Miami. This group will meet on a quarterly basis to review current safety procedures & actions taken during crisis incidents, discuss future needs, and strengthen working relationships before an emergency strikes.

Safety Funding

We are thankful to the State of Ohio for granting $50,000 to four Little Miami buildings (LMHS, LMMS, LMES, LMPR) to help fund these improvements and upgrades.