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Registration Gateway

Little Miami uses Registration Gateway to maintain student contact and emergency information.

This process takes approximately 15 minutes to do. If you need access to a computer or have any questions, please contact Central Registration at (513) 899-5116 for assistance.


How to Update Your Student's Information

  1. Go to: 
  2. Enter your user name and password. The user name will be the first five letters of your student's last name (or entire last name if fewer than five letters), a dot, student's first initial, a dot, student's six-digit ID number. You must use a capital letter. Your student's six-digit ID number is the same as their lunch code. Example: Journ.N.123456 (case sensitive) Example: Lee.R.123456 (case senstive)
  3. Enter your password. Your password is the same as your user name.
  4. Complete and/or update all required fields.