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What is a ThoughtExchange?*

A ThoughtExchange is a special and unique two-way process to bring people together on important topics, which replaces the methods used in traditional surveys with a naturally collaborative platform. It can turn everyday challenges into opportunities for engagement and growth.

How Does a ThoughtExchange Work?*
Participants are asked to share their ideas in response to an open-ended question. All ideas are shared confidentially (click here for more information). Once participants have shared their own ideas, they are asked to rate the thoughts that others have provided on a scale of one to five stars based on how much they agree with the idea or how important they think it is. Participants are encouraged to keep coming back to share additional thoughts, read and rate what others think, and view direct responses to their thoughts from the exchange leader.

In the final step, participants can view how the thoughts in the exchange have been rated by the group. Click here to learn more about the steps of an exchange.


*Adapted from What is a ThoughtExchange, by Steve Kux.


thought exchange platform - user asks question and it is rated

Why Do We Utilize ThoughtExchanges at Little Miami?

Great ideas don’t hit all at once, and they’re often a collaborative effort. An exchange helps people learn from one another, discover important insights, and make decisions quickly and effectively - all this with fewer meetings and better information. This tool helps LM gather input from members of the community while engaging people in thought-provoking conversations at the same time.*

At Little Miami, we are always looking for ways to improve communication and are listening deeply to your feedback and ideas. When we utilize a ThoughtExchange, our Team(s) take(s) the time to review and consider the feedback from the Top Thoughts to inform our decisions on how to best move forward. 

Past ThoughtExchanges have focused on the topics listed below. You may click the topic to view the results of that specific exchange:

View Results of Previous Exchanges



ThoughtExchange    Dates    Results

Exchange #1: 

How can we improve communications?

Launched Dec. 2021-March 2022 ThoughtExchange #1 Results

Exchange #2: 

What are the most important things that Little Miami should consider to successfully complete the school year & when planning for next school year?

Launched March 7-April 25, 2022 ThoughtExchange #2 Results   

Exchange #3:

We are looking for new ways to increase family engagement across the district and are considering hosting engagement and education opportunities. What topics are you interested in learning more about?

Launched September 9-23, 2022 ThoughtExchange #3 Results   

Exchange #4:

Please give us your input on the proposed Academic Calendars for the 2023-2024 school year.
 Launched September 28-November 11, 2022  ThoughtExchange #4 Results      

Exchange #5:

What are the most important skills, experiences, and characteristics that the ideal candidate should demonstrate?


Launched March 13-April 3, 2023    ThoughtExchange #5 Results   

Exchange #6:

What are the most important strengths and challenges of the Little Miami School District that our new Superintendent should be made aware of in order to be successful?

Launched March 13-April 3, 2023    ThoughtExchange #6 Results   

Exchange #7:

What role does the Superintendent play in creating a positive learning environment at Little Miami?

Launched March 13-April 3, 2023    ThoughtExchange #7 Results   

Exchange #8

What should be the next Superintendent’s top priorities in their first year? And 3-5 years?

Launched March 13-April 3, 2023  ThoughtExchange #8 Results      

Exchange #9

Please give your input on the proposed calendars for the 24-25 school    year.

Launched March 30-May 5, 2023    ThoughtExchange #9 Results