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LMHS student ambassadors say welcome

Posted on: September 7, 2016

LMHS student ambassador Steven Almond (black shirt with white logo) gives a tour of the high school to a family new to the district.

The teenage years can be rough. But if you’re a teenager and are starting the year at a brand new school, things can be even worse.

The people at Little Miami High School know this, and have started a new program to help smooth out what can be a tough transition.

The LMHS Student Ambassadors are a group of high schoolers who have attended Little Miami for years and are outstanding student leaders. Begun by the LMHS guidance counselors, the Ambassador program has helped bridge the gap for new students. Already this year, Ambassadors have given tours to new families and helped transition new students and freshman to the high school, served as Freshman Focus mentors and will aid at upcoming events this year, like financial aid night, junior parent meetings and senior awards night.

“This is something we have wanted to do for some time,” said LMHS counselor Tammy Martin. “They had already been helping at open house so we created this group with that idea in mind.”

Students went through an application process at the end of last year and were selected to serve as Ambassadors by the counselors.

This year’s ambassadors are: Ruby (Kristin) Adkins, Steven Almond, Chris Baer, Hannah Berardinis, Anna Cavanaugh, Tobin Davidson, Kayla Dozier, Grant Frith, Karen Garn, Jake Gevedon, Taylor Heatherly , Samantha Jackson, Sarah Park, Shelby Shank, Holly Shepherd, Ben Snyder, Hannah Topmiller, Molly Wilson.