School Counselor

Madison Schafers
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School Counselor FAQs

School counselors are committed to supporting the personal growth of students within an educational setting. The goal of the school counselor is to work closely with parents, teachers, school administrators and other professionals to provide students with the best possible resources and services.

What does a school counselor do?

  • Aids staff in understanding students and their behaviors and provides assistance in growth and development.
  • Aids students individually and in groups or classroom settings.
  • Helps parents in learning about their child's growth and development as well as understanding their child's abilities and obtaining support for family problems and crisis.
  • Coordinates school-wide programs to welcome students
  • Focus on career-education
  • Mentoring programs, study skills groups, Red Ribbon Week, managing 504 plans

Areas a child might want to discuss

  • Need for encouragement
  • Social and/or family relationships
  • Change in family circumstances
  • Academic growth
  • Emotional responses

Will the parent be notified if their child goes to the counselor?

The counselor is not required to call the parent or guardian if a child visits the counselor for day-to-day needs. However, should a significant concern arise, the parent is contacted.

How does a student see the counselor?

Through administrative referral, teacher referral, parent referral, or a student may request to see the counselor.

What are others services a counselor can provide?

Group counseling sessions for students who share a common concern or problem.