Little Miami School District's Media Centers

Our mission is to foster the learning of our K -12 students by providing age-appropriate reading resources that align with Ohio Learning Standards, Ohio Library Guidelines and the American Library Standards. To meet these goals, each media center building collaborates with instructional curriculum to support and enhance classroom curriculum by using technology and information literacy skills. In addition, each school building's media center's collection development process includes individualized steps for selection and evaluation of quality titles to ensure age appropriateness, supplements learning curriculums as well as student reading interests. 

Library Book Opt-Out 

Little Miami building Media Centers are open to all students within the building.  As a parent/guardian, if there are Library books you prefer your child not check out – you may complete the Library Book Opt-Out Form and submit it to your student’s Media Center Specialist or Principal. 

Upon submission of the Opt-Out Form, please have a conversation with your child to ensure they are aware the form was submitted.  Once the form is received, your student’s Media Center account will be updated to indicate your request.