Planning for Success -- Little Miami Master Plan Info

Community Focus Groups

While it is not mandatory, it is recommended that participants review the building options presented at the Dec. 6 community meeting. Click the links below to view the video and/or the PowerPoint presentation.

Community Meeting #3 - Dec. 6

Community Meeting #2 - Nov. 1

Morrow Elementary Community Meeting - Oct. 20

District seeking public input

The public is invited to a series of community meetings discussing the future of Little Miami Schools.

All meetings will be held in the Little Miami High School Auditorium and the dates are:

  • Oct. 20: Meeting on the future of Morrow Elementary, 7 p.m.
  • Nov. 1: Community input on all other LM facilities, 7 p.m.
  • Dec. 6: Discussion of options for school district growth, 7 p.m.

Consultants from Emersion DESIGN/Fanning Howey, who have been assessing LM buildings, will lead these meetings to share information and to collect input regarding current and future usage of district facilities.

The Oct. 20 meeting will specifically cover the future of the vacant Morrow Elementary building.

The Nov. 1 meeting will provide information on all other district buildings.

The Dec. 6 meeting will bring together all input from the previous two meetings, plus consultants will present possible options and solutions to the district’s space challenges.

Little Miami's current facilities

  • Morrow Elementary (currently vacant). Original building built in 1913. Additions made in 1939, 1951, 1975.
  • Hamilton-Maineville Primary School (currently houses grades 1-2). Original building built in 1934. Additions made in 1963, 1975.
  • Harlan-Butlerville Primary School (current houses grades 1-2). Original building built in 1937. Addition made in 1979.
  • Salem Twp. Elementary School (currently houses all preschool and kindergarten; grades 3-4). Original built as high school in 1956. Junior high addition made in 1963. Addition made in 1976.
  • Little Miami Intermediate School (currently houses grades 5-6). Built in 2009.
  • Little Miami Jr. High School (currently houses grades 7-8). Built in 2009.
  • Little Miami High School (currently houses grades 9-12). Original building built in 2000. Addition made in 2008.
  • Bus garage (two bays). Built in 1969. Office addition made in 2006.
  • Former board office (now transportation). Built in 1970.
  • Central office: No central office facility. Superintendent, assistant superintendent, treasurer, director of student services, director of special education, food service director and EMIS coordinator located in LMIS. Human resources located in transportation office. Central registration located in Salem Twp. Elementary.
Building    Capacity    Current Enrollment (as of 10-5-16)
LMHS 1,500   1,147
LMJH   800    736
LMIS  800  695
Salem   1,250   1,200
Maineville  525   448
Butlerville  250  238
Morrow  750   vacant

Fanning Howey's Troy Glover (center) discusses the high school building with Principal Cathy Trevathan (left) and Emersion DESIGN's Christie Boron.

Consultants completing educational & facility assessments

During the month of September, consultants from Emersion DESIGN/Fanning Howey met with building teams to perform educational assessments of each of Little Miami's schools.

The consultants sought information from teachers, principals and other stakeholders as to whether the education of students is helped or hindered by the building in which they work.

Prior to a face-to-face meeting, Fanning Howey consultant Troy Glover sent a list of 20 questions to each building team to help provide in-depth information as to how the building's educational programming works. These questions are also designed to determine if the building and its interior spaces support that programming.

View the list of questions.

After meeting with each building team, Glover and the building principal completed a walk-through of the school's interior spaces, with Glover assigning points to each space as to its efficiency and effectiveness in supporting the educational program.

Building scores will be tallied up and shared at the upcoming community meetings.

District OKs contract with Emersion DESIGN/Fanning Howey

In August, 2016, The Little Miami Board of Education approved a contract with Emersion DESIGN/Fanning Howey to help create a master play for the next five years and beyond.

After contract approval, Emersion began a facility analysis of what space the district has and how it is used.

Read more about the contract.