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Cindy Wilmes - LMIS

Posted on: August 3, 2016

How long have you been teaching at LM?
I am excited to begin my fifth year in the fall of 2016!

Educational background
I graduated salutatorian from Milford Christian Academy in 2003.  I received my Bachelors in Middle Childhood Education from Northern Kentucky University in Math and Language Arts with a minor in Mathematics in December 2007 and hold my teaching license for grades 4-9.  In 2011, I obtained my Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Teacher Leadership with an emphasis in Educational Technology from Miami University.

Do you participate in other LM activities outside of the classroom?
I do not officially do any other LM activities, but I continually volunteer with children’s theater in the Cincinnati area.  I choreograph for a children’s theater group in Mason for ages 8-18 called “Acting Up."

Why did you become a teacher?
When I was in junior high, I transferred to a different school and felt out of place.  My Language Arts teacher took me under her wing and encouraged me to audition for the school play.  When this teacher took an interest in me, I wanted to accomplish everything to the best of my ability – as she pulled out the best qualities in me.  It was because of the time she invested in me throughout school and after-school activities that made me want to be a role model to future students.  She lived her life in such a way that made me want to make a difference.  I will never forget how much she impacted my life.

What is the biggest challenge facing teachers today?
There is not enough time in the day!  There are days that I wish I could clone myself to work one-on-one with each individual student, as well as even make it to their football games, dance recitals, and horse shows!  However, I love hearing the stories of what happens outside of the classroom walls and their interests, so that I can better connect to my students inside the classroom.  Each student has such an unique personality!

What is the best part about teaching at Little Miami?
With seeing the same students every day, I feel like I really know my students.  I know what interests them, what excites them, and how I can better help them. I also love our team of educators.  We have teachers that want to invest in the lives of their students and seek to daily change things to make every day successful. We have a great team here at Little Miami Intermediate!

What is a favorite memory from your career at Little Miami?
I will never forget how excited I was to meet my students on my first day as an official teacher at Open House last summer.  To see their nervous smiles and encouraging them that “it was going to be okay” was a joy.  Watching them grow through the year and seeing individual personalities transform made teaching feel like a part of me.  Even after a crazy last week of school with anxious sixth graders itching to become “cool seventh graders”, I did tear up as the buses pulled away! 

Tell us something people may not know about you.
I LOVE to be on stage. My students instantly discovered that as teaching is a daily performance!  I continually volunteer with several community theaters in the Cincinnati area.  You will find me singing, dancing, and acting!  I also love to dance.  You will find me taking a dance class, working on my pirouettes, jazz combos, or a ballroom dance step in my free time.  I also love to run.  Last year, a friend challenged me to a marathon, so in sixth months, I went from the “couch” to 26.2 miles.  I accomplished it in less than 5 hours – my goal!  This fall, I plan to beat my record!  You’ll find me running or biking on the Loveland Bike Trail in my spare time!