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A Special Edition of the Woodhenge Podcast is out now!

Posted on: December 6, 2023
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The name of the Little Miami High School podcast, "Woodhenge," honors one of the great earthworks structures that sits silently under the ground where Little Miami High School now stands. Much in the same way that the stories of the Woodhenge and the history of this land were uncovered, Mr. DeSanctis and Miss Frederick aim to uncover the unique, interesting, and inspiring stories of students and staff at LMHS.

"We named the podcast “Woodhenge” because we wanted something creative and unique but still with meaning and relevance to our school,” said DeSanctis. “Maybe it sounds cliche, but the woodhenge is something really cool that's hidden within our school and it's a story that we hadn't heard told.”

For episode 13, Mr. DeSanctis and Miss Frederick are joined by Bob Genheimer from the Cincinnati Museum Center. Bob is the George Rieveschl Curator of Archaeology and an expert on the earthworks in the region, including the Stubbs Earthworks and the woodhenge that once stood not far from where this podcast is recorded.

"This was an episode that Lauren and I had wanted to do at some point and we're really thankful to be able to find Bob and for his willingness to come on the podcast and chat with us. This area has such a fascinating history and it's really cool to be able to share that with our school community," said DeSanctis. 

As one of the archaeologists who worked on the site, Bob shares his unique experiences working on this property and what we know about the cultures that inhabited this region many years ago.

Talking to Bob and learning more about the woodhenge was such a cool experience. We had heard rumors and stories about some of the significance of the land here, but to find out about all that was here and its significance, the scale, it was really cool,” said DeSanctis.


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