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Little Miami annually joins with more than 60 school districts throughout Ohio in releasing a comprehensive, community-oriented companion to the state’s School District Report Card. Called a “Quality Profile,” the report includes additional accountability measures that better define a high-quality education and are not included in the state’s report.

Over the last few years, participating districts have been surveying residents to determine factors they value in their child’s education that are not measured on the state report card. The result is a collaborative report that shares an expanded story of each participating school district. This is its second year.

“Qualities the local community values in its schools are the focal point of the Quality Profile,” Superintendent Greg Power said. “This element of local control has been increasingly usurped by the state with its many high-stakes assessments. The Quality Profile refocuses the conversation by promoting a dialogue beyond the report card.”

Little Miami’s report is provides information in a number of categories, including academics, arts, student leadership and activities, fiscal stewardship, parent and community involvement.

View Little Miami’s Quality Profile reports below: