About Us

Meeting Policies

The board establishes dates for its regular meetings for the year at its organizational meeting in January. Additional meetings are held as needed. Meeting dates and locations vary.  The Board of Education typically meets the third Tuesday of each month in the Little Miami High School auditorium or in other buildings as scheduled. For more information, please call (513) 899-2264.

Special meetings may be called by the Board President, Treasurer or any two members of the Board, with two days notification to the public and media. All regular and special meetings are open to the public. By law, the Board may also hold executive sessions, which are closed to the public. While no official action may be taken during executive sessions, the Board may consider personnel issues, the purchase or sale of property, details of security arrangements, matters required to be kept confidential by federal law or state statue, negotiations or to hold a conference with an attorney, a member of the Office of the State Auditor or an appointed certified public accountant.

Agenda for Regular Meetings:

I. Call to Order
II. Roll Call
III. Pledge of Allegiance
IV. Adoption of the Agenda
V. Reading of Minutes
VI. Communications
VII. Visitors to the Board
VIII. Community Comments on Agenda Items
IX. Treasurer's Reports and Recommendations
X. Superintendent's Reports and Recommendations
XI. New Business
XII. Information Items
XIII. Community Comments on Non-Agenda Items
XIV. Adjournment

Speaking Before the Board

The Little Miami Local School Board of Education encourages and welcomes communication from residents of our community. Any individual who wants to address the Board during a meeting must sign in prior to the meeting with the attending school official. Anyone who would like to speak on a specific agenda item can do so under item VIII. Other concerns should be addressed under item XIII. Comments made should not involve personnel issues and are limited to three minutes per person or 30 minutes total. Speakers will be recognized by the Board President and must state his/her name and address. The presiding officer may interrupt, warn or terminate a participant's statement when the statement is too lengthy, personally directed or irrelevant. An adjournment of the meeting can be called if there is a lack of orderly conduct.