Salem Township Elementary Blog

Thanking our veterans

Posted on: November 12, 2015

Students and staff at Salem Twp. Elementary School took a moment to thank all of our veterans at a special ceremony on Veterans Day.

Family members of students were invited to participate, along with any family members who have served in the armed forces.

The event culminated a weeklong celebration of veterans, where students wrote poems, composed thank you letters to veterans and created puppet shows, all of which were shared during the assembly. Students from Mrs. Wright’s fourth grade class also played chimes and led the audience in “God Bless America.”


Those who performed were:

Pledge of Allegiance: From Mrs. Freedman’s third grade class, Jenny Wild, Hailey Swiger, Colton Brady, and Kelvin Hoerst.

Thank You Letter: From Mrs. Osborne’s third grade class, Grace Swearingen, AnaBelle Steinmetz, Ashley Campbell, and Lilly Powell.

Acrostic Poem: From Mrs. Ison’s third grade class, Bailey Noth, Skyler Swearingen, Sophia Sanabria, Sydney Ziska, and Kayleigh Johnson.

Puppet Show I: From Mrs. Robinson’s third grade class, Nathan Cherney, Charlie Whitacre, Adam Timmerman, and Aiden Ross.

Puppet Show II: From Mrs. Farlow’s third grade class, Luke Vanell, Dillon Noel-Maldonado, Michael Zegarski, and Justin Sonny.