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Museum Night brings history to life

Posted on: May 1, 2016

Azeeza Noggler and her Lincoln Log mill.

Sometimes it may be hard to get young people excited to learn about history. The Taft-Hartley Act and the Spanish-American War are important to learn about for certain, but the subject matter may be a little dry. But what if you could learn about the history of the town you actually live in? Now that's something altogether different.

Third grade students in Stacy Horton's project-based learning class at Salem Twp. Elementary got to do just that recently when the class partnered with the Morrow Historical Society to create a local history Museum Night.

Students learned about the history of Morrow, Maineville and Roachester, studied about local mills, railroads, and even learned about a few towns that don't exist any more. The boys and girls then created display boards and built models to help teach their parents and friends all about what they had learned.

On the Apr. 28 Museum Night, third grader Azeeza Noggler said she the best thing she learned was about towns that had disappeared. She also was pleased to show off the replica of a mill she had made with her uncle's authentic Lincoln Logs, and the water wheel that grandpa had helped with.