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Remote Learning at Little Miami

With Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine extending school closures across the state until May 1, 2020, Little Miami transitioned to a new remote learning instruction model beginning Monday, April 6, 2020.

The emphasis during this new period of instruction is student engagement. Our goal is not to try and mimic the classroom experience, but to provide essential lessons to our students and to keep them learning. 

There will be varying levels of expectations for students, depending on their grade level.

  • Preschool: Due to the multi-sensory approach of preschool, students will be encouraged to watch virtual lessons and check in with their teacher if consultation or additional resources are needed.
  • Grades K-4: Students in grades K-4 will be evaluated on participation and completion of work. Grades on assignments will not be collected.
  • Grades 5-6: Students in grades 5-6 will be graded based upon effort and completion in a pass/fail system. Students will have a combined total of approximately 2.5 hours of work per day.
  • Grades 7-12: Students in grades 7-12 have many online curriculum resources. Because the remote learning process is more accessible, students will be evaluated on participation, completion and grades on assigned work. Students will have a total of approximately 3 hours of work per week for each class period. 

We understand that each family has its own schedule, and time and resources can be limited. Do what fits best for your family.

We also understand that there will be many questions during this time. Communication is key. Please contact your teacher and/or principal if you have questions or refer to our website for a list of frequently asked questions, numerous resources and a parent feedback form.

We have been thrilled by the way our students, families and staff have embraced this new normal. We are here to support you as we transition to this new phase of learning and we thank you for your understanding as we navigate these unprecedented times.