Mental Health & Other Resources

Building counselors are available by email.  Please reach out to them with any concerns.


Little Miami Mental Health Consultant
Jessica Kerns, MSW LSW
Little Miami Mental Health Support
[email protected]
(513) 486-4581 – (Google Voice Number)
Anyone in a crisis please call the Crisis line- 1-877-695-6333 or Text 4Hope to 741741.

Daily Office Hours from 7:05 - 2:35 through email and phone. 
Communication with students is currently through Schoology with Zoom invites. Individual therapy sessions through Zoom or Skype. Available to provide therapy services, support and resource assistance to students.

Solutions Community Counseling and Recovery Therapists 
Meredith Reuscher, LPCC
Solutions School-Based Mental Health Therapist
[email protected]
Work Cell (937) 302.6502

Laura Marco, LPC
Solutions School-Based Mental Health Therapist
Little Miami High School, Jr. High and Intermediate
[email protected]
Work Cell (937) 481.3118

We are available to provide mental health therapy services to clients through tele-health communication either by phone or Google Hangout Meets. Clients can reach us by phone, email or schoology. Appointments can be set Monday – Friday from 8:30 am – 3:30 pm.

To become a client – follow the link below to download/print the admission packet.

Once the packet is completed, it can be faxed to: 513.228.7846 or emailed to Courtney Simons (Solutions School Intake Coordinator) at [email protected]

Other Resource Needs
Carrie Brown MSW, LSW
School Social Worker/Diversion Counselor 
Little Miami Schools, WCESC
[email protected]
513-899-3781 ext. 25505

Charles Hartman, B.A., OCPC
Little Miami Resource Coordinator
[email protected]

Resource Coordinators can help families with food, clothing, housing, insurance, kinship services, and other needs.  

Children's personal and family difficulties affect how they are doing socially and academically at school. To help at these difficult times, the school's Resource Coordinator can assist students in becoming more successful in school and help parents learn more about resources that may help their child and family.