Little Miami Mental Health Consultants

Little Miami has increased the level of mental health services available to students, recognizing that many young people are in need of support in navigating an increasingly complex world.

Jessica Kerns, MSW LSW
Little Miami Intermediate School
[email protected]
(513) 899-3781 ext. 50420
Daily office hours: 7:20 a.m.-2:50 p.m.

Laura Marco, MA, LPCC
Little Miami Jr. High
[email protected]
(513) 899-3408 ext. 25427
Daily office hours: 7:25 a.m.-3:05 p.m.

Meredith Reuscher, MA, LPCC
Little Miami High School
[email protected]
(513) 899-3781 ext. 20514
Daily office hours: 7:05 a.m.-2:35 p.m.

Counselors exist as the central point of contact for all mental health services as referred by the district. Counselors serve all students in-person, enrolled in VLA or virtually, in the case of school closure.

Anyone in a crisis please call the Crisis line- 1-877-695-6333 or Text 4Hope to 741741.

Solutions Community Counseling and Recovery Therapists 

Serves all Little Miami students in grades K-12.

To become a client – follow the link below to download/print the admission packet.       

Once the packet is completed, it can be faxed to: 513.228.7846 or emailed to Courtney Simons (Solutions School Intake Coordinator) at [email protected].

Other Resource Needs
Charles Hartman, B.A., OCPC
Little Miami Resource Coordinator
[email protected]

Resource Coordinators can help families with food, clothing, housing, insurance, kinship services, and other needs.  

Children's personal and family difficulties affect how they are doing socially and academically at school. To help at these difficult times, the school's Resource Coordinator can assist students in becoming more successful in school and help parents learn more about resources that may help their child and family.

Available Resources

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Impact of COVID-19 on Children with Adverse Childhood Experiences

Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition Podcast

Take the Anonymous Mental Health Self-Assessment

Social and Emotional Learning Activities for Families

Mental Wellness Power Booster - How to Bring Mental Wellness into your Day-to-Day Routines

Suicide Prevention and Intervention Information

Talbert House Virtual Behavioral Health Series

View the current listing of available mental health trainings, resources and other related opportunities.