2020-2021 Virtual Learning at Little Miami

For the 2020-2021 school year, Little Miami will offer two learning options: in-person instruction in LM buildings, or remote learning through Virtual Learning Academy (VLA). VLA is operated by the Jefferson County (Ohio) Educational Services Center.


Virtual Learning Academy FAQs

  1. What is Virtual Learning Academy?
    VLA is an online curriculum provider offering over 250 core and elective courses to students in grades K-12. VLA courses are aligned to Ohio's content standards, which are rooted in the National Academic Content Standards.
  2. If I select VLA, am I committed to the whole school year?
    Students will agree to remote learning from home one semester at a time. Students will not be permitted to come in and out of remote learning. VLA classes will be supported by Little Miami teachers.
  3. What is the cost of VLA?
    $50 enrollment fee. If a student returns to in-class instruction at the end of the semester, regular school fees apply.
  4. Will there be live classes or only pre-recorded?
    The VLA programming is a complete online platform, monitored and assisted by a teacher facilitator. There are no live classes. All curriculum elements are contained so that a student can progress through the course independently with assistance from a Little Miami teacher communicating and facilitating on a regular basis.
  5. Is the online option being taught by the same instructors as the in-building classes?
    No. We anticipate that Little Miami teachers will be designated either remote learning or in-building instructors. Remote learning teachers will act as online facilitators assisting each student as they progress through the VLA online curriculum.
  6. What is the typical student-teacher ratio?
    This depends on the class. Math teachers could have 50-100 students assigned to them; language arts and elective classes would have fewer students assigned. Intervention specialists will follow the state-mandated ratios.
  7. Does VLA offer specials?
    VLA students are offered online art and music classes beginning in Grade 6. There are no band or choir options. Check the VLA catalog for more information.
  8. Will students have opportunity to work with partners/small groups?
    VLA is an independent online learning platform. There is no small group instruction.
  9. How long per session and how many sessions per day are expected in VLA?
    The VLA platform permits each student to work at their own pace. Students will need to complete approximately 3 to 5 hours worth of work per day, depending on grade level. Kindergarten students would have approximately 1 to 1.5 hours per day. The VLA platform monitors the length of time the student is logged in and working. A teacher will communicate with the student and parent related to a lack of progress. Students are able to work in VLA seven days a week.
  10. If a parent selects VLA, can the student still participate in Little Miami extracurriculars? 
    Yes, as long as the extracurricular activity is after school hours. Parents must provide transportation.
  11. Will VLA provide technology for each student?
    Yes, VLA students have the option to borrow a device from LM. There will be a device available for each student enrolled in VLA. Parents must provide internet connectivity.
  12. Will honors/AP courses be available in VLA?
    VLA currently offers advanced classes and AP World History, Physics and Calculus AB. See the course listings.
     Little Miami will try to match the VLA schedule to the one the student has for the 2020-2021 school year. Some substitutions will have to occur as VLA electives are limited. Edgenuity software may be used to match honors and AP core content courses that are in the current student schedule.
  13. How will testing be administered and proctored to ensure integrity?
    Course testing is administered within the on-line platform and teachers monitor the assessment. There are guardrails within the assessment that ensure integrity.
  14. Will there be interaction with LM teachers, virtual students and in-school peers?
    VLA and in-school students are ALL Little Miami students, however interactions between the two groups during the school day will most likely not be possible. Extracurricular activities are open to all. Also, if picture day is held in school buildings, Little Miami will work to schedule a picture day for VLA students, too.
  15. If school closes due to illness, will students who have been attending school in person then be moved to VLA?
    Our district departments are working very hard to make sure our students and staff can return to – and stay in – our buildings. However, we have tried to be clear with our students and staff that they do assume some risk when returning to school. In the event that someone tests positive for the virus, we will take our lead from the Warren County Health Department regarding protocols. Should a building be closed for an extended period, Little Miami will switch to an intermittent remote learning, a more robust remote learning version of what our students experienced this past spring. Any student who has been attending school in person will be using this model. Any students enrolled in Virtual Learning Academy will continue in VLA.
  16. How will state assessments be administered for those students who are enrolled in VLA?
    Little Miami will follow state guidance on these assessments.
  17. Is VLA NCAA approved?
    Not all courses are NCAA approved.
  18. What is the parent responsibility for VLA?
    Because VLA is a self-contained, self-paced curriculum, a parent's role will be different depending on a student's ability to work on their own. Parents will need to provide the basics for success, including internet connectivity, and also help monitor a student's progress.
  19. Does Little Miami register students into classes?
  20. Once I sign up for VLA, then what?
    Procedures will be in place to schedule device pick-up, enrollment, fee payment, provide how-tos on getting logged in for the first time and other information will be shared.
  21. Can high school students still receive honors diplomas?
    Yes, if they meet all honors diploma requirements.
  22. Will VLA families still be included in all Little Miami communication?
  23. Will second grade VLA students still be evaluated for giftedness?
    Yes, as the Ohio Department of Education permits.
  24. How do students and parents choose the right courses from the course catalog?
    Little Miami will try to match the schedule to the one the student has selected. Some substitutions will have to occur as electives are limited. When needed, Edgenuity will be used for honors/AP courses.
  25. Can work be completed on the weekends? Are teachers available after hours or on weekends to answer questions?
    Students are able to work within VLA seven days per week. Teachers will be available during work day hours.
  26. How much assistance will students have with technology?
    A Little Miami tech help desk will be available to VLA students to troubleshoot device concerns.
  27. If a student uses VLA first semester and in-person second semester, will topics covered match up?
    VLA use the same Ohio content standards, however the pacing of the material will be different than in-person learning.
  28. How will VLA operate with a student on an IEP?
    As always, Little Miami will implement the IEP. If a parent selects VLA, services will be implemented virtually.
  29. How is gifted programming going to be handled in person and on VLA?
    Gifted services are provided for students in grades 3-12. If a parent choses VLA, gifted services will be provided virtually.
  30. If a family chooses to participate in online learning the first semester but then chooses to attend in-person second semester, will a gifted child be placed in gifted classes?
    Yes, Little Miami will serve students in grades 3-12 when they return to in-person instruction.