2020-2021 Virtual Learning at Little Miami

For the 2020-2021 school year, Little Miami will offer two learning options: in-person instruction in LM buildings, or remote learning through Virtual Learning Academy (VLA). VLA is operated by the Jefferson County (Ohio) Educational Services Center.

Second Semester Platform Change

LM students have the option of changing learning platforms (VLA or in-person) at semester break. Students who are satisfied with their current learning platform do not need to do anything to remain in that platform. 

Students who wish to change platforms need to complete the Semester Learning Platform Change Form and submit it to Little Miami Central Office or [email protected] prior to October 23, 2020. Due to fees being specific to the platform, when changing platforms, the appropriate fee will be assessed. If changing to VLA, please pay the $50 enrollment fee when submitting the change request form.  Once your student begins VLA courses, this fee is non-refundable.  Timing is essential due to the JH/HS master schedules and K-6 classes that need to be created.

*Parents of students who move from in-person to the VLA learning platform will need to attend a 30-minute VLA Zoom orientation prior to October 23.  Zoom session info was sent out to all district families via email. If you did not receive the email or need assistance, please call 513-899-2264.

Virtual Learning Academy FAQs 

What is Virtual Learning Academy?

If I select VLA, am I committed to the whole school year?

What is the cost of VLA?

Will there be live classes or only pre-recorded?

Is the online option being taught by the same instructors as the in-building classes?

What is the typical student-teacher ratio?

Does VLA offer specials?

Will students have opportunity to work with partners/small groups?

How long per session and how many sessions per day are expected in VLA?

If a parent selects VLA, can the student still participate in Little Miami extracurriculars?

Will VLA provide technology for each student?

Will honors/AP courses be available in VLA?

How will testing be administered and proctored to ensure integrity?

Will there be interaction with LM teachers, virtual students and in-school peers?

If school closes due to illness, will students who have been attending school in person then be moved to VLA?

How will state assessments be administered for those students who are enrolled in VLA?

Is VLA NCAA approved?

What is the parent responsibility for VLA?

Does Little Miami register students into classes?

Once I sign up for VLA, then what?

Can high school students still receive honors diplomas?

Will second grade VLA students still be evaluated for giftedness?

Will VLA families still be included in all Little Miami communication?

How do students and parents choose the right courses from the course catalog?

Can work be completed on the weekends? Are teachers available after hours or on weekends to answer questions?

How much assistance will students have with technology?

If a student uses VLA first semester and in-person second semester, will topics covered match up?

How will VLA operate with a student on an IEP?

How is gifted programming going to be handled in person and on VLA?

If a family chooses to participate in online learning the first semester but then chooses to attend in-person second semester, will a gifted child be placed in gifted classes?