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Update on PreK & K building

Posted on: January 25, 2017

Crews have continued to address plumbing and sewage issues at Salem Twp. Primary School after preschool and kindergarten classes were canceled two days in a row.

On Tuesday, Jan. 24, teaching staff noticed an odor and water backing up in some floor drains in the preschool/kindergarten end of Salem. Afternoon preschool and kindergarten classes were canceled and the district hired a licensed third party vendor to clear what were found to be multiple blockages in sewer lines outside of the school building.

By late Tuesday night, the plumbing issue was corrected and all bathrooms were cleaned.

District personnel were on site early in the morning on Wednesday running water and operating the restrooms to ensure that school would be able to open. Morning preschool and kindergarten classes were held as scheduled. 

At midmorning, there was a recurrence of a blockage in the sewer line outside the building. Bathrooms were immediately closed and afternoon sessions cancelled so as to be able to bring the plumbing company back in to address this. This work could not be done while students were in the building.

By 3 p.m. on Wednesday, the plumbing company had completed its work and bathrooms had once again been cleaned.

Third and fourth grade bathrooms drain via sewer lines that are separate from the preschool/kindergarten sewer lines and are properly functioning.  

"We will again follow all health protocols to ensure that all bathrooms in this part of the building are properly cleaned and sanitized," said Superintendent Greg Power. "We want our youngest learners in in a safe, proper, and healthy learning environment."