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LMJH students explore 3-D printer

Posted on: October 1, 2015

It may only have printed whistles and SpongeBob figurines while it was there, but the three-dimensional printer that came to Little Miami Junior High School recently gave students a glimpse of the future. 

Media center specialist Ellen Mason recently borrowed a 3D printer from the SWON Library Consortium to use for demonstrations in her Explore class. Three-dimensional printing is a growing industry, with printers churning out everything from medical prosthetics to film props.

LMJH students learned how the printer creates three dimensional objects, by laying down successive layers of material until an entire object is created. The printer Mason borrowed used reels of what resembles weed eater string, heating the string until it nearly liquified, and depositing layer after layer on a base plate.

Students also used 3D modeling software to create and manipulate designs that they would later have the machine print.