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LMJH honor October Students of the Month

Posted on: October 21, 2016

LMJH October Students of the Month (l to r): Sophie Schwartzenberger, Karly Rouse, Kyla Nicol, Alex Landacre, Owen Cole, Brayton Cook.

The teachers at Little Miami Junior High School know a great student when they see one, and they want you to know about them, too!

LMJH educators recently nominated six students to be honored as October students of the month. Here are the students and what their teachers had to say about them:

Alex Landacre (nominated by Mr. Thomsen): "Alex volunteers and participates consistently in class. He comes in with a great attitude every day. Alex enjoys playing games and loves chocolate cake. He’s a hard worker and a good role model."

Owen Cole (nominated by Ms. Eversole): "Owen is a hard working student that puts a lot of effort into his math work, along with all other academic work. He participates often in class and looks to help others with their math work and helping them understand the math concept. Owen, on top of keeping up with his academics, also participates in art club and basketball. He is a deserving student for the October student of the month!"

Brayton Cook (nominated by Mr. Rose): "96% overall average, model student in class, participates well, happy to be in class and learning each day."

Kyla Nicol (nominated by Ms. McKeever): "Kyla Nicol deserves the honor of Student of the Month because it is her mission to learn. She always does her best work, displays excellent effort, and shares in discussion in the classroom. Her friendly disposition also serves as a positive in the classroom, helping others to model this attitude as well."

Karly Rouse (nominated by Ms. Lawson): "Karly is a hard worker. She strives to keep her grades up, complete assignments, and assist others with learning when needed. She is an active participant during class and is inquisitive about the process of mathematics."

Sophie Schwartzenberger (nominated by Mrs. Burke): "Sophie has a super positive attitude and always tries her best. She is inquisitive and wants to know why things work the way they do. She always has a smile on her face and is great about participating in class. She’s an awesome student and I look forward to having her in class every day."