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JH honors January students of the month

Posted on: January 13, 2017

January students of the month are (front row, l to r): Blake Shope, Devin Kromer, Luke Davis, Joe Farnsley; (back row, l to r) Nicholas Harris, Gavin Clishe, Sarah Kennedy, Breann Heenan, Jacob Smearsoll.

The teachers at Little Miami Junior High School know a great student when they see one, and they want you to know about them, too!

LMJH educators recently nominated students to be honored as January students of the month. Here are the students and what their teachers had to say about them:

Jacob Smersoll (nominated by Megan Salzl): Jacob is a great kid, hard worker, quiet, helps others when they need it, does what he is told, often is the first to complete assignments and is always respectful and well behaved.

Gavin Clishe (nominated by Sharon Carter): Gavin is an exceptional young man. He is always positive and upbeat and works well with his peers. He always puts forth his best effort and participates regularly in class discussions. He serves as a great role model for his classmates.

Nicholas Harris (nominated by Nancy Finn): Nicholas is a one of a kind! He is extremely bright and creative, as well as a kind, generous, and thoughtful young man. He always has a great attitude and is more than willing to help others. I am proud to have him in my class! He is a bright spot in my day!!

Blake Shope (nominated by Liz Wilkerson): Blake is an all around great kid and hard working student.  He is also one of the most polite kids I know. He really knows how to make me smile. Thanks for being such a gentleman Blake! 

Sarah Kennedy (nominated by Christine Krill): Sarah is sweet as can be and always has a smile on her face. She is an absolute pleasure to have in class. She is eager to learn and always gives 110%. Thank you for being so polite and setting a positive example for your peers!

Luke Davis (nominated by Scott Cook): Luke is a caring, funny, intelligent young man. He is always willing to help or volunteer and answer. He always has a smile on his face and is happy to be in class.

Joe Farnsley (nominated by Andrea Wall): Joe is a great kid!  He is polite, intuitive, and inventive (ask to see the belt he made). Joe’s grades have continued to raise, showing his true capabilities. He is a very intelligent young man, capable of more than he probably gives himself credit for. I have high hopes that he will continue to strive to be the best that he can be, and leave Little Miami to go do great things.

Breann Heenan (nominated by Carrie Brown): Breann is a sweet and caring young lady.  She is a hard worker and is someone you can always rely on to be a good person. I feel honored to know Breann and look forward to seeing her bright future!

Devin Kromer (nominated by Tarra Kraft): Devin is a new student to Little Miami this year and has transitioned very smoothly! Very often you catch students in a Random Act of Kindness and in fact this is exactly what this was. Devin had stepped in when another student was having a bad day at lunch. Devin purchased this particular student a lunch that day and brought it into the office area for the student to eat while he was talking through the situation that was upsetting him. This act of kindness showed a lot of character and devotion on Devin’s part to his friendship and connections with students in the building. PAWS ON THE BACK Devin for stepping up and being a true friend and exemplary role model

These students will have a pizza party with the principal on Feb. 22.