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All LMHS juniors to take ACT March 21

Posted on: March 6, 2017

On Tuesday, March 21, Little Miami High School will be administering a state-funded ACT test to all high school juniors. There is no cost to take this test, but all juniors in Ohio must take it this spring. This test is for juniors only.

On the morning of March 21, LMHS juniors are to arrive school by 7:15 a.m. Students should bring a photo identification, two #2 pencils, and an ACT approved calculator with back-up batteries. (check if you are unsure if your specific calculator is allowed).

Testing will conclude at approximately 11 a.m. Juniors will be permitted to leave campus after testing is complete if they have an early dismissal note signed by a parent. If the student does not have a permission slip, he or she will remain at school, have lunch and will be dismissed at regular time.

Seniors will be permitted to use March 21 as a day for job shadowing or a college visit if they so choose. Freshmen and sophomores must attend school and will be on an alternative schedule in the morning. Periods 5, 6 and 7 will run on regular schedule.

This is the only “free” ACT test that will be offered this year. There are other testing dates that the ACT offers and registration information on those dates are available on the ACT website at