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Toying with science

Posted on: February 13, 2017

If you are asked to bring a new toy onto the market today, where would you begin? Students in fifth grade at Little Miami Intermediate School could help you with that.

Completing everything from market research to mission statement -- and then toy design itself -- students in Erin Lynch's and Beth Ray's fifth grade science classes worked on their Toy Company project from start to finish. The students started with the basics for their company, including creating a company name, logo and motto. They then needed a product. Toy ideas came from brainstorming, surveying, designing and redesigning. The final product needed a written description to be included in the "trade show convention," where students showed off their toys to their classmates.

"As students walked around and enjoyed presentations, they voted for the best new idea in each classroom," Lynch said. "This is an annual project we do in our science classes."

The students are from the classes of Lynch, Ray, Jill Dumford, and Dana Albrecht.