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Tapping creativity in the LMIS MakerSpace

Posted on: February 11, 2016

What was once the school library is nowadays called a media center, because along with the books there are now computers and other high-tech tools for learning.

In the Little Miami Intermediate School media center, room has been made for something alongside those high-tech tools: Creative space.

Kim Hamlin, media center coordinator for the school, has created a "MakerSpace," a dedicated area where students can incorporate what they are learning in the classroom with different creative projects.

For instance, students in Jill Dumford's fifth grade class recently brought together the unlikely partners of poetry and electricity. Over the course of several gatherings, the students planned and wrote haikus that had a focus around light. Next, the group explored how circuits are made and then created paper circuits using LED stickers, copper tape and a watch battery. Each student made a paper circuit that, when placed under their poem, illuminated their illustration.

Other projects have included LittleBits Circuitry Kits. Students in Geneva Stein's and Judy Todia's classes worked with LMIS custodian Jesse Landacre in exploring the results of connecting different circuits to create battery-powered windmills, buzzers and motors.

Hamlin has also created a new Lego wall, creating an ongoing collaborative project for all students who come to the media center. For any number of completed tasks (turning in a book on time, helping a classmate), students are given a Lego piece to add to the wall, building a unique sculpture by hundreds of artists.

"Each month a different open ended task is set for the students to complete using everyday items," Hamlin said. "The students have learned that area is a place to use your imagination, create and think. For February, students had the opportunity to make Valentine's Day cards for their teachers.

Hamlin thanked Principal Marla Timmerman, Assistant Principal Travis Showers and the generosity of the LMIS PTO for supporting the MakerSpace in the Media Center. The PTO donated the Lego plates, the LittleBits kits and and Ozobot Coding robots for students to use.