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Math at the ball park

Posted on: March 6, 2017

If you've read the book or seen the movie "Moneyball," you know that there is more than one way operate a major league baseball team.

The premise of story is that for small market teams who don't have a New York Yankees-sized budget, money spent strategically on less-than-superstar players can sometimes result in big wins.

Sixth grade students from Little Miami Intermediate School recently got a chance to test that theory on a recent visit to Great American Ballpark. After touring the stadium, the home dugout and the pressbox, members of the Cincinnati Reds staff asked LMIS students to put together a theoretical winning ball club. Teams of students were given imaginary budgets, player salaries and statistics and then were asked to assemble the best team they could for the money. Using math and principles of economics, students collaborated in selecting players. They were then asked to hold a press conference, announcing their team's name and explaining their results.

Not only did the students get to have a behind-the-scenes fan experience, but they learned a little on the way.