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LMHS yearbooks now on sale

Posted on: March 14, 2016

You can Instagram your life, but those photos just get buried in your feed. You can Snapchat your life, but seriously, whose life is lived in 10 second bursts?

To capture meaningful moments, especially the days of your time at Little Miami High School, you’re going to need something that’s a little more permanent. There is a small group of LMHS students who think they have the answer: The LMHS yearbook.

Part of the LMHS yearbook staff working hard on this year's issue.

The yearbook staff is working daily to capture and log all that is going on in the halls of LMHS and compile it into one terrific keepsake. Fashion trends? Check. Class photos? You bet. Athletics? Of course! But trust us. This is not your father’s yearbook.

Not only will this year’s book have great photos and articles, but video, too. View any Aurasma-enabled yearbook photo through the app on your phone, and the photo actually becomes a video clip. You can watch snippets from a choir concert, or the crowning of the Homecoming King. (Check out the yearbook staff's commercial.)

Yearbooks are $65, and are available for purchase at yearbookforever.comOrder today before the April 18 price increase.