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French Club returns to LMHS

Posted on: November 24, 2015

With the return of French language classes at Little Miami High School has come the return of French Club, a great way for students to delve deeper into the study of the language and the culture of France.

Led by teacher Jennifer Dafoe, LMHS students once again have a classroom French experience. The foreign language had been moved out of the classroom to an online class during Little Miami's time in fiscal emergency. With the return of the class, Dafoe also re-instituted the after-school French Club, which already has nearly 50 members.

At the beginning of November, the French Club celebrated National French Week with different themes daily. The club sampled French foods, played Twister in French and had a chocolate mousse eating contest.

Along with fun activities, Dafoe and her classes have spent time on more serious subjects, including discussions about the recent terrorist attacks in Paris. Dafoe has visited France seven times and studied there in college and was able to share a more personal perspective on the attacks than students might have gotten from news reports.

"I love Paris, simply put. I told the kids that I leave a piece of my heart there every time time I visit," she said. "... I watched coverage constantly (probably too much) and my heart just broke for the city.  But, the French are very stubborn and resilient and they will not allow this to keep them from doing the things they enjoy."

Dafoe said her students asked great questions about the incidents and were genuinely concerned.

"Students made some very insightful comments. I was impressed with their sensitivity," she said. "One student made a 'Pray for Paris' drawing for me to hang in the room and another brought me French bread wrapped in the colors of the French flag."