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ACT Aspire results going home Feb. 19

Posted on: February 9, 2016

On Friday, Feb. 19, freshmen at Little Miami High School will be receiving the results of the ACT Aspire test they took in the fall.

Little Miami uses the ACT Aspire test to measure student growth, as well as to provide a fairly accurate predictor score of what a student may achieve on the actual ACT.

There are a variety of statistical methods available for supporting interpretations of student growth. Each method has unique advantages and disadvantages, which is why multiple methods support growth interpretations from students’ ACT Aspire scores: gain scores, student growth percentiles, ACT Readiness Benchmarks, and predicted score paths.

Students and parents may benefit from reading the Parent Overview for the ACT Aspire test. You may also view the video about how to interpret the test results:

Watch video!