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Text message service to begin Sept. 14

Posted on: August 26, 2016

The Little Miami Local School District will soon offer a new text messaging service to our families beginning on Sept. 14.

Little Miami uses SchoolMessenger to deliver email newsletters and all-call messages, and now will begin using the same service to send text message notifications to those who opt-in to the service.

Please note: This new text service will replace any previous text notification system used by Little Miami. If you have previously received texts from the district and would like to continue doing so, you will need to opt-in.

On Sept. 14, Little Miami will send out a short text message to those numbers that have not already opted-in. Simply reply "Y" or "Yes" to the text to continue to receive messages.

The district will use text messaging only during times of urgent need, including emergency situations and snow day notifications. 

How to Opt-in

Each mobile device number from which recipients wish to receive text messages must be opted-in to the SchoolMessenger service. This is as simple as texting an opt-in key word (Y being the most commonly used) to the short code 67587.

Wireless carriers require that common short code providers have the capability to verify that a particular phone number did indeed agree to allow you to send them text messages. The recipient’s text of “Y” (or “yes”) to your accounts short code is this verification.