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History comes alive at Wax Museum

Posted on: March 14, 2016

When Steve Jobs gets in the same room with Benjamin Franklin, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Thomas Edison and Annie Oakley, you know it's a special occasion!

These Americans and many others could be seen in the halls of Hamilton-Maineville Primary School recently as students dressed as their favorite historical figure during the Famous American Wax Museum.

Second grade students selected a historical figure to study and then prepared a presentation about his or her life and wrote and memorized a quick biographical speech. On the day of the Wax Museum, students dressed as their famous American. As other students and guests walked through the "museum," visitors could hear the biographical speech if they pressed a "button" at each figure's table. 

For instance, Corey Cumings from Mrs. Walker's class prepared a detailed poster board and wrote a report on late Apple CEO Steve Jobs. On the day of the Wax Museum event, Cumings was dressed in Jobs's ubiquitous jeans and black t-shirt, complete with round-rimmed glasses.

The Wax Museum is tangible way for students to learn about American history.