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Air: The invisible wonder!

Posted on: October 14, 2015

On Friday, Oct. 9, Maineville Elementary had a special visitor come in to show the magic behind air.

In an assembly called AIR: The Invisible Wonder, students learned about air and our atmosphere through a series of demonstrations showing the weight of air, the effects of atmosphere, and the properties and action involved in a vacuum.


Maineville 2nd grader Audrey Stemick gets a ride on a hovercraft.

Mobile Ed’s scientist Mr. Tom incorporated everything from leaf blowers to windbags, frisbees and even a working hovercraft into the presentation. Students learned about atmospheric pressure, low and high pressure zones, and even the application of air pressure to the science of flight. They even learned how to measure the weight of air, how an airplane flies, and even discuss vacuums and shrink wrap a student in the process!

A big thank you to the PTO for making this assembly possible.

— Hailey Effer, communication intern, contributed to this story