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How the Tech Department Keeps Us Connected

Posted on: November 6, 2020

Staying connected while being apart has become an essential in this COVID-19 world. While connecting online seems as easy as turning on the power button, there is an entire team of hardworking tech professionals working behind the scenes to make sure students, staff and our LM community can stay linked in the classroom or at home. 

Sitting down with Tech Department team members, Eric Troll and Rick Schuster earlier this week brought attention to challenges that have arisen for the Tech Department since the beginning of the pandemic. With the move to online learning for many Little Miami students, the Tech Department has had to drastically adjust how they deliver services and tech support- including dealing more with troubleshooting issues from home, rather than internal issues within the school. The Tech team is increasingly busy this year, as they are maintaining and supporting nearly 1,000 VLA student devices, in addition to approximately 2,000 at LMHS and LMJH, and the remaining 1,500 Chromebooks dispersed throughout the district’s buildings. Needless to say, our team of specialized technicians have been BUSY!

As our lives are increasingly more virtual these days, please remember to take care of the device you have been provided. While the device goes home with you, it is still property of Little Miami, so treat it with the same respect as if it were your personal device. The laptop cases are provided for the purpose of protecting your device, so please leave the cases on and only put stickers on the case. Also, please do not loan chargers to your friends or leave them accessible to pets.  

The Tech Department has made getting support easy and accessible for students, by hosting “Tech Bar” hours at LMJH and LMHS. Students at the Junior High can get support first thing in the morning and during lunch every day, while High Schoolers can get support in the mornings and from 11 AM- 12 PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please remember, if you are calling for technical support, be patient and kind. With more users to support than ever, the Tech Department remains a small team of only three skilled employees. When you do have a technical issue, please be sure to make an appointment to have your issue resolved, so that you are not wasting your time. Click here to learn more about tech support.