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Michael Kilgore - Eagle Scout Project

Posted on: September 7, 2016

Project: Memorial to the late Brayden Thornbury at Testerman Park, including arbor, plantings and commemorative plaque


How long have you been in Scouts?

I've been in scouts since second grade so about 10 years now. I'm in troop 81 in Pleasant Plain and our troop leader's name is Adam Waits.

Why have you stayed in scouting all the way through high school? What do you enjoy about scouts?

I've stayed in scouts this long because my parents pushed me to do it and because I've come so far I wanted to finish it through. I enjoy the friendships I've made, the leadership experiences, and all of the other amazing skills and places I've gotten to learn and see.

Why did you choose this project for your Eagle?

I chose this project because I've played baseball since teeball and I wanted to help out my local baseball community since I've had so many fun times playing baseball. I wasn't necessarily close to Brayden, but when he died it really hit me that he was a part of my football family and he was such a great leader and example for everyone around him. I just thought that since he had such a major impact in our community, that he needed to be remembered in even more ways than he is now.

What was the process you went through to build the project?

The process was pretty long. First, my dad and I had to draw up very detailed plans for the project and present it to the township and the county to get it passed for building. We had to assure them it would help the park and community and that it would be a safe and sound structure. Once we secured a permit, we had to procure all of the materials needed to build and get it passed by the Boy Scout Council. After their approval, I began work. I got people to help me and we started to build the arbor. Eventually, we completed the structure and we planted the tree and the wisteria around it. I am now working on the final proposal to be approved by the council.

The funds I used to purchase the materials for my project were set aside by my Grandma years ago for my future project. She was very excited about the fact that some day I would get to do this and I wish that she was still around to see it.

I got friends from Scouts, football, and some of my dad's friends with carpentry and building skills to help me out. My friends Josh Davidson, Tony Agricola, and Maria Thoms were there every day and were very instrumental in me completing my project.

How long did it take to complete? Are you happy with the results?

The total process took almost two months to complete and I am still finishing up the paperwork to present to the council. I am very happy with the results. It looks much better than I ever had hoped and I really think it will be a great addition to the park and the community.