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LM posts Purple Heart signs

Posted on: October 16, 2015

By Hailey Effer, Communication Intern

The Little Miami School District has been given a great opportunity to honor those who have fought for our country.

Little Miami has now joined the “Purple Heart Parking Project” to honor those who were injured in combat. The district has been given signs at no charge to put in each parking lot throughout the district, designating a special space for Purple Heart recipients.

The Project is the brainchild of Goshen High School student Connor Thomas, who created the project to give recognition to those injured in combat . Thomas has won national recognition for his efforts to honor our veterans. Thomas contact Little Miami, along with many other districts, to join his effort. Several municipal buildings in the area now have “Purple Heart Parking Project” signs thanks to him.

“We are proud honor our Purple Heart recipients in this small way at Little Miami,” said Superintendent Greg Power, a veteran himself.

This is just another way Little Miami honors veterans. The Wall of Honor located at the high school also remembers those Little Miami graduates who have fought for our country.