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Joseph Swisher - Eagle Scout Project

Posted on: September 7, 2016

Project: Landscape, mulch and brick border of wildflower garden at Little Miami Intermediate School, addition of benches, signage with original designs by Swisher 

How long have you been in Scouts?
I have been in scouting since the very beginning in first grade, but I joined Boy Scouts in fifth grade, the required starting year. I'm a part of Troop 81 and my Scout Master is Adam Waits.

Why have you stayed in scouting all the way through high school? What do you enjoy about scouts?
I have stayed in scouts all these years still, because of the useful skills that it teaches me to prepare me for the real world. I enjoy the fun camp-outs that also teach me how to survive on my own with few resources, which in turn has taught me to be better prepared for certain emergencies that may arise.

Why did you choose this project for your Eagle?
I chose this project because I wanted to give back to the community and to the school system of which I have been a part since Kindergarten. It was important to me to help because I originally helped [Counselor] Mrs. [Dawn] Gasper a couple of years ago to construct the first parts of the garden with my troop. We helped construct the planting beds as a troop service project. Once this was finished, I had seen that this garden was already helpful to kids because it provided healthy fruits and veggies for their school lunches and also taught them how to plant and tend the garden. Mrs. Gasper said that the garden needed to be completed in some areas and that by adding these things it could be even more of a helpful environment to the kids at the school.

What was the process you went through to build the project?
This is a more simplified way of the process I went through: To get the project started, I had to draw a plan on what I would improve upon the garden and what should the final results look like. After getting that approved, I would have to estimate what materials I would need to complete the project and how much those materials would cost. Then I would need to buy these materials relying on donated money and I paid for some of the expenses myself. To get help I had to enlist the people of my troop to help me and some people that I knew outside of scouting. My dad was also a major help to me on the project, both in planning and executing the project. I also relied on the help of Mrs. Gasper, Mr. [Gene] Blake and Mr. [Dave] Florea, as well as some of the [Warren County] Master Gardeners.

How long did it take to complete? Are you happy with the results?
It took about 5-6 weeks to complete the project. My volunteers and I are happy with the way the garden currently looks, now that everything has been completed and we hope that the school will love it just as much.

Anything else you would like to tell me?
I decided to add two benches that I paid for out of my own money in honor of my father's parents, who have passed away. Both of them loved nature and were avid birders. These benches are a memorial to them.