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Hopkins, Grandin and Roachester, oh my!

Posted on: April 11, 2017
Photo of log cabin model

Local residents drive around on roads named Hopkins and Grandin, but do any of us stop to think how these roads got their names?

Turns out that there was actually a Mr. Hopkins and a Mr. Grandin, both who were landowners who settled in the area early on in our history. And how did we learn this? At Salem Twp. Elementary’s recent Local History Museum Night.

Third grade students in Stacy Horton's project-based learning class at partnered with the Morrow Historical Society to create a local history night.

Students learned about the history of Morrow, Maineville, Roachester and Hopkinsville, studied about local mills, railroads, and even learned about a few towns that don't exist any more. Boys and girls then created display boards and built models to help teach their parents and friends all about what they had learned.