District News

Broken or stolen devices

Posted on: May 11, 2017

Broken devices need to be turned in by the student to the school IT Department and a tech ticket needs to be completed. A loaner device will be provided (if available) during the repair process. If two repairs have already been performed on the device, the cost of repairs must be paid prior to fixing the device. District technology staff members can repair many problems in-house, which may take up to three days while other issues may require the authorized repair and a longer repair timeframe.

All student work should be saved in OneDrive or Google Drive and not on the Device itself since many repairs require erasing the device.

In the case of a stolen device, students or parents must present a police report to the school’s principal within 48 hours of the theft. Students will be charged no more than $260 for a lost device. (price subject to change)