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3 LM employees recognized by Board

Posted on: December 18, 2015

Three Little Miami employees received letters of commendation at a recent board meeting after they solved a tricky problem for the district.

Dave Florea, Mike Davidson and Gary Carmack were all recognized for their work in taking down the aging 60-foot tall poles and light rigging that were used to illuminate the football field at Salem Twp. Elementary, formerly Little Miami High School. Over the more than 40 years the poles had been in the ground, they had begun to twist and bow, creating a safety concern for the youth football leagues who use the field regularly in the fall. The lights had been disconnected about six years ago, as most evening sporting events had been moved to the high school turf field.

As Superintendent Greg Power explained to the board, the pole removal was typically a job that would be given to a third-party vendor to handle. The three companies who were called in to bid on the job either declined or said they would charge upwards of nearly $10,000 to complete the task.

That’s when Florea came up with a plan to do the job in-house, using a rented lift and tools on hand. He, Davidson and Carmack were able to pull down the light rigging and poles safely, and now will be able to recycle the more than 400 feet of copper wiring contained therein. The poles themselves will now be used to frame in a bin system for storing bulk mulch and salt for use around the district’s buildings.

LM Business Operations Director Gene Blake said the project may now end up being cost-positive for Little Miami because of the dollars earned and saved in recycling.

“The district is extremely fortunate to have you as a part of the Little Miami Learning Community,” said Power’s commendation letter to the three men. “Please accept our thanks, our respect, and our admiration.”